Let's Paint!
A brush variance tutorial for PSP 8

"Exclusively written for PlusPSP by Flowerfancy58"

This is an exercise tutorial on the use of the brush variance tool in PSP 8. So Lets Paint!

1. Open a new image and size it 400x400.

2. Flood fill it with white.

3. Add a new layer.

4. Choose the paint brush tool.

5. Click on your brush shapes and choose SPIKY. The brushes are listed alphabetically, so it is near the bottom of the list.

6. Set paint brush to:
brush size 50
step 1
opacity 100

7. On the color palette choose a solid color, for the FOREGROUND color.

8. For the BACKGROUND color choose a pattern, or a gradient.

Note: For those who are having problems finding the brush variance tool..... Go to view in the top tool bar, then to palettes. Choose brush variance!

9. Now go to the brush variance palette, and choose

color blend OSCILLATING FADE - 75% jitter

Fade rate 100%
Position jitter 0

10. Draw some little flower heads now! Try moving your brush a little (wiggle) when you apply it.

NOTE: The fade rate set high will give you a lot of variance in the flower color, try moving the fate rate down, and then draw a little flower head. See the difference?

11. Now choose the "TWIRL" paint brush shape.
set to:
step to 4
brush size 50

12. Set the brush variance to:
repeating fade in
jitter 20%
Fade rate 2o
Leave the hue as is
leave the other settings the same as before.

13. Draw some little dainty flowers.

NOTE: When you start collecting new brushes (and you will) be sure to try them out with the brush variance tool. Play with the step on the brush setting also!

14. Lets use the pre set Feather brush now.

15. Add a new raster layer and place it beneath the flower heads.

16. On the color palette choose a light green for the background. Choose a very dark green color for the foreground.

17. In brush variance set the color blend to:
fade in
jitter 10%
fade rate 180

Set your paint brush to:
size 50
step size to 140

(play with the different step sizes, to see the different results)

18. Now draw some fronds around your flower. Start your strokes from the bottom up.

Now lets draw a quick ribbon.

19. Set paint brush shape to:
size 25
step one
hardness 50
thickness 1
rotation 180

20. go to brush variance and set to:
jitter 3
fade rate 1

21. Now draw a ribbon or a bow.

22. Here is a custom brush of a stone using the same settings as we have above. "Take out one of your custom brushes and see what the effects of it is using these settings!"

Note: I added a layer behind the stones and used black as a grout color.

Spend some time with these brush options and find new ways to use them! Be sure to let me know if you come up with something terrific!!

Have fun playing with this tool. There are so many possibilities!!

If you have questions or comments please email me.