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            Product Manager


            1. Responsible for product market research, research on the development trend of endoscope market technology, understand the usage habits, needs, competition conditions and market resources of end customers;

            2. Participate in product design and development, carry out product pre-planning, clinical verification and evaluation, and work closely with the research and development team in process formulation, pre-market evaluation, etc.;

            3. With products as the core, promote the close cooperation of R&D, registration, production and other departments to ensure that products are launched on time and with high quality;

            4. Responsible for product training for downstream product personnel and sales personnel, participate in the FAB formulation process, plan and formulate new product introduction plans and product life cycles;

            5. Develop a product iteration plan;

            6. Competitor research: research the competitor's product line composition and its advantages and disadvantages, price strategy, after-sales service, etc.


            1. Bachelor degree or above, clinical medicine or related majors;

            2.2 years of relevant work experience in the medical device industry, with digestive endoscopy nursing work background and medical clinical work experience preferred;

            3. Have a clear product transformation idea, strong logic, strong self-learning ability, and a sense of responsibility;

            4. Have good communication skills and teamwork skills, and have a strong ability to find and solve problems;

            5. Excellent graduates or Ph.D. fresh graduates are also acceptable.

            Talent Concept
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